Top Five Images

Here are my five best photos from this semester, let me know what you think!


Tasteful Typography


I took these photos of stairs at Bannack Ghost Town State Park, Montana. I kept in mind principles of good composition while capturing these shots. I then took these photos into Photoshop and cropped and edited the color on these photos as necessary. After I was happy with the photos appearance, I began planning out the text to add. I used the san-serif font Helvetica Bold for the title, and the font Times New Roman, a serif font, for the subtitle and paragraph body copy. I tried to arrange the text in a couple of the photos to it would look like the steps of stairs to add to the theme.

Title/Subtitle Type:


Paragraph Type #1:


Paragraph Type #2:


Other Theme Photos:

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5 Reasons You Should Care About Climate Change (Infographic)

5 Reasons You Should Care About
Climate Change

Imagine a world without Ski resorts…


1. The amount of ski resorts in the United states has depleted from 546 to 470 in the last two decades. That’s nearly fifteen percent! Your favorite resort could be next.

2.  More than 600 ski areas have closed due to decreased snowfall since 1950. Since then, only 302 new ski areas have opened. That’s 298 ski areas lost in only 67 years.

3.  In the last fifty years, the average length of ski season has decreased by a full week. And it is only predicted to continue decreasing and at a more rapid rate. We can’t afford to lose any more of our favorite season!

4.  Worldwide, ninety-five percent of ski resorts utilize snowmaking to counteract the scarcity of natural snow received. Snowmaking may be keeping our large resorts open, but is extremely expensive and the smaller resorts cannot afford it. Not to mention, we all know it isn’t nearly as good as the real stuff!

5.  Not only are our precious ski resorts having to adapt in order to fight to survive due to climate change, our animals are too. We as society can adapt to keep them both alive. Save our snow, to save their snow.


Macro Photography

Process: To capture these macro shots I used a zoom lens (70mm to 300 mm), a 4+ macro filter on the lens, auxiliary lighting, and a Canon T5i camera. First I chose areas where the water drops were placed nicely, or where I could see a nice composition. Then, I captured the clear images by playing around with the amount of zoom and my bodies distance from the subject until the object became clear, I then pressed have way on the button to finalize the focus and then captured the image. I zoomed in on the subjects usually between the range of 80 to 95 mm. I also used auto focus to assure good focus on each of the subjects. After capturing the shots, I took them into Photoshop and added a levels adjustment layer and sharpened the focal points of the images.

Water Drop Macro Images:




Macro Images (no water drops):



Pink Flower

Portraits and Enhancements

Individual – Side Composition:
Process/About: I took this photo of my boyfriend’s dad, an inspiring sixty-one year old snowboarder. To capture this photo I set my camera to a 3.5 aperture and then took some steps back and zoomed in to capture the blurred background.


Process/About: This photo was taken of my boyfriend in Grand Teton National Park with a 3.5 aperture. I then fixed up some blemishes on his face and added some edits with the levels adjustment layer.


Individual – Head & Shoulders:

Process/About: This photo was taken of my sister at Stonebrook apartments in Rexburg. Some of the background blur was captured with a low aperture number on the camera, but more was added in with Photoshop afterwards.


Individual – Full Body:


Group Activity – Candid:
Process/About: This photo is truly candid and was not planned whatsoever, I just happened to capture a adorable moment of the whole family as my sister fixed her daughters jacket.


Group – Posed:


Individual – Environmental:
Process/About: This photo was taken in Grand Teton National Park in the Colter Bay area while cross country skiing. It captures my boyfriend Turner in his environment which is cross country skiing, as well as basically everything outdoors. And especially near his favorite mountains, the Tetons.


Process/About: I felt like this photo really captured my sister in her environment as a mother.


Portrait Enhancements (See Original in the Thumbnail):
Process/About: For my portrait enhancements I first whitened her teeth by using a 15% opacity white paint brush. I then edited away all of her blemishes using the spot healing tool. Afterwards I edited her eyes by using a 10% opacity white paintbrush to whiten the white parts, and using just one click of the dodge tool to lighten up her naturally bright blue color. Lastly I used a low exposure of the burn and dodge tools to contour different parts of her face in a natural way.



Match Color:
Process/About: I took the original image and used the match color adjustment tool with a 50% fade to make this image more bright and warm, rather than the gloomy feel the original image had.



Replace Color:
Process/About: I used the color replace adjustment tool to replace the bright red color of my niece’s coat with a deeper red so that there would be more contrast with the bright red slide in the background.