For this project the objective was to collect data about a topic of choice, order the information in a logical and visually appealing manner, and save and optimize the image for web usage. Some additional criteria that was required included creating at least three vector images, one stylized chart, and showing any sources used along with your personal logo at the bottom of the infographic.


I chose to use this assignment to create an infographic resume. As a communications major emphasizing in visual communications, my design abilities are one of my main focal points. I wanted to be able to demonstrate these design abilities quickly and efficiently to employers, and I decided the easiest way to do that would be to show my design abilities right there in my resume.


The first problem I ran into was the issue of resumes being mainly textual, and therefor not implementing enough design elements. I solved this by creating an icon to represent each textual section, and creation design elements around each textual element, for example the speech bubble around the blurb about my skills. Another issue I predicted was the chance that some employers won’t like the idea of an infographic resume, and some will. I solved this by deciding to still submit my traditional resume when applying to jobs, and adding a link to my LinkedIn profile on my traditional resume. I then uploaded my infographic resume to my LinkedIn profile for potential employers to view when they visit. Also, when the opportunity arises in applications to upload “other files”, that is where I will include my infographic resume. I believe by not substituting this resume for my traditional one, and rather using it as another reference, this will solve the issue of some employers enjoying infographic resumes, and some not.

I solely used the program Adobe Illustrator for this project. One reason for this is because it is the Adobe program that I am most comfortable and familiar with. Another reason was because I was creating all of my images and icons from scratch and wanted them all to be vectorized.


The first step of my process was to brainstorm ideas. After the brainstorming step, I was able to begin sketching (thumbnail image one below) potential layouts and designs. After creating a solid sketch of what I wanted my final infographic to look like, I began creating the visual elements in Adobe Illustrator and created a rough draft to show my peers and ask for feedback (thumbnail image two below). It wasn’t until after I had finalized all of my icons, text, and layout that I began playing around with a choosing the color scheme. I ended up settling on a triad color scheme with the primary colors red, yellow, and blue. I decided on this because it kept my infographic simple and professional, but still made it fun by adding the pops of vibrant simple colors. After receiving critique from them, I implemented the changes and came up with one last draft infographic shown in thumbnail three.

SketchesRough Draft

The very last step to my process was receiving more critique from my peers to then better refine my infographic. Some of the critique I received was that it didn’t quite have the normal feel of an infographic due to the lack of visuals incorporated into the textual sections. I solved this problem by incorporating images into the two textual sections that didn’t have any, the education section and the experience section. In the education section I added a visual based time line graphic, and in the education section I added visual icons of the job logos that correlated with each experience. This is the result of the final infographic after the refining process:

Check out the final infographic on my Pinterest page here:



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