a. Post any images that you submitted in the contest: This is the image that I submitted into the Sports photography contest.

b. Include a paragraph or two about how you created your entry: First I had to create an account on the page, GuruShots, and so I did that and then chose my contest to submit which was Sports Photography. After doing that I had to resize my image to the appropriate size, which was a height of 700 pixels, and then just hit submit.
c. Add a paragraph about the contest you chose and why you chose it: This contest is for any and all sports photography, there wasn’t really any rules other than to only include photography featuring sports. One reason I chose to enter was because it was free to enter, and I am a poor college student. Another reason I chose to enter is because most photography I do is sports related, and most often is snowboarding. And that is the photography that I most enjoy and am most passionate about, so this contest definitely seemed like a good fit for me.
d. Add a link to the contest website: https://gurushots.com/
e. Include the date you submitted your entry: March, 29th 2017


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