Final Image:

Title-Evolution of Emotion, Location-Ririe, Idaho, Date-3/25/17, Focal Length-18mm, F Stop-8, Shutter Speed-1/650, Camera-Rebel T5i

Images Used: (Click to view full size)


These photos were captured of a well known granary at the entrance of Ririe, Idaho. The words that I drew out of a hat for my conceptual challenge were: granary, weary, and relax. And the two words that I chose to add to that selection were: transform, and outdoors. I originally had a hard time brainstorming ideas to include weary and relax in the same photo because they are so contradictory, but then I realized I could use that to my advantage. I decided to show the evolution of feeling weary, to feeling relaxed about a difficult situation. In this case, the situation being depicted was a tragic accident where an overly hot summer caused heat damage to all of this man’s grain causing a large financial loss. The first emotion the man felt was grief. Then it shows how step by step he was able to make peace with the situation and feel relaxed. I captured the majority of these photos by using a Focal Length of 18mm, F Stop of 8, and Shutter Speed of 1/650. But you will notice that there is one photo that is darker than the rest so I could get the gloomy sky look, and I captured that by turning the F stop to 11 and the Shutter Speed to 1/900. I also used a tripod to assure that all the photos would be taken from the same position so that I could blend them all together in Photoshop without difficulty. After capturing all of the photos, I took them into Photoshop and cut out the man in each of the photos showing his evolution. I then positioned him in a line showing the evolution and set the layers of the middle steps at 50% opacity. I then used a levels adjustment to correct the coloring a little. And above you can see the final product!


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