I took these photos of stairs at Bannack Ghost Town State Park, Montana. I kept in mind principles of good composition while capturing these shots. I then took these photos into Photoshop and cropped and edited the color on these photos as necessary. After I was happy with the photos appearance, I began planning out the text to add. I used the san-serif font Helvetica Bold for the title, and the font Times New Roman, a serif font, for the subtitle and paragraph body copy. I tried to arrange the text in a couple of the photos to it would look like the steps of stairs to add to the theme.

Title/Subtitle Type:


Paragraph Type #1:


Paragraph Type #2:


Other Theme Photos:

alyssadyck-stairs10 alyssadyck-stairs9 alyssadyck-stairs8 alyssadyck-stairs6 alyssadyck-stairs5 alyssadyck-stairs4 alyssadyck-stairs3


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