Process: To capture these macro shots I used a zoom lens (70mm to 300 mm), a 4+ macro filter on the lens, auxiliary lighting, and a Canon T5i camera. First I chose areas where the water drops were placed nicely, or where I could see a nice composition. Then, I captured the clear images by playing around with the amount of zoom and my bodies distance from the subject until the object became clear, I then pressed have way on the button to finalize the focus and then captured the image. I zoomed in on the subjects usually between the range of 80 to 95 mm. I also used auto focus to assure good focus on each of the subjects. After capturing the shots, I took them into Photoshop and added a levels adjustment layer and sharpened the focal points of the images.

Water Drop Macro Images:




Macro Images (no water drops):



Pink Flower


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