I chose to take pictures of my Apache Pine wooden watch that features a carved background image of the Tetons. I took these photos in a outdoor setting, due to the nature of the object. Since all of the photos were taken at the same location, and during the same time of day, most of the edits made on the images are the same across all images of the set. Some of the edits that I made include: levels adjustment, sharpening, content aware, and Spot healing. For each image I adjusted the layers by bringing the black arrow down and the bright arrow up just a little. This brightened up my image and created some better contrast. I also used the smart sharpen tool, and layer masks, to sharpen up the focal point of each image (for example, if the image focuses on the stitching, that is the part I sharpened). I then used the lasso tool with content aware to get rid of any distracting objects in the background, or imperfections in the wood. Lastly, I used the spot healing brush to get rid of any blemishes or obvious imperfections in my model’s hand and arm.


Watch Collage


Thumbnails of Images used in Collage (Click to view full size): 

alyssadyck-aerialview alyssadyck-bottomview alyssadyck-clockfacecloseup alyssadyck-crossedhands alyssadyck-lengthview alyssadyck-sideview alyssadyck-stitchingcloseup alyssadyck-strapview

Additional Images:




Texture Blend Image and Process: 

I really liked the composition of the below image, but was disappointing to see that all of the texture of the wood was blurred away when I focused in on the arm/watch. To fix this, I used a picture that I had taken of the wooden bar that was close up on it’s texture to add that same texture back to the below image. I brought both images into Photoshop, and then I turned the wood image just enough so that the grain of the texture image was going the same direction as the pole in the background of the original image. I then changed the layer to “overlay.” I used a 100% black brush to get rid of all traces of the texted on the arm, watch, and hand. I then used a 30% opacity black brush to take away some of the texture effect from the other areas of the image so that the texture was not too prominent. I was then left with the effect shown below.


Original Photo and Texture Thumbnails (Click to view Full Size):

alyssadyck-woodtexture alyssadyck-notextureimage





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