Flier project

Description: This project is to create a flier that will promote a graduate leadership conference meeting and to grab the attention of recent graduates so that they will attend.

Process: First, I created four different sketches to get some creative ideas out there on the table.  From there, I selected my favorite sketch of the four and started putting it into InDesign and playing around with it.  After I had a pretty good draft going, I received some critique from two different knowledgeable sources.  I then used that critique to touch up my draft and make some finalizing changes until my flier was complete!

Message: The message of the flier is that if you are a recent graduate and you want to have a competitive edge in business, you should definitely attend this conference.

Audience: The audience is recent graduates, focusing on ages 22-30.

Top Thing Learned: The top thing I learned is the importance of negative space, and that sometimes you have to play around with your layout a little in order to figure out the appropriate amount of negative space.

Title Font Name & Category: I only used one font in this flier design, and it’s name is “Avenir Next Condensed.” It is a sans serif font.

Copy Font Name & Category: Also used “Avenir Next Condensed,” a sans serif font.

Links to images used in this project:

  1.  https://130.commbyui.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/JuliePeterson-Leadership-conference-business-rexburg-Idaho_7530-as-Smart-Object-1.jpg
  2.  https://130.commbyui.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/VouantLogo3.png

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